There is nothing comparable to the “Selvaggio Blu“ - hiking along Sardinia’s rocky shore is absolutely unique and thus extraordinarily fantastic. Its name “Selvaggio Blu“ (Wild Blue) already says many things about it and still leaves everything open. Travel guide literature describe it as Italy’s “most difficult” trekking tour and as one of the 100 most beautiful treks of the world: a 6-days-hike from Santa Maria Navarrese along the cliff coast of the “Golfo di Orosei“ gulf to Cala Gonone. In between there is a wild and natural cliff coast with wonderful bays. The trekking tour leads partly very close to the sea, partly over 700m above sea level, sometimes on shepherd’s paths and other times off the beaten tracks in the open terrain, partly on exposed rock ridges and partly also in the middle of wild undergrowth of Mediterranean vegetation along Sardinia’s coast. The biggest challenge, however, is not the orientation itself but the ABSENCE of water. Therefore we get our water and food supply by the seaway. We also don’t carry a tent and enjoy the nights under breathtaking starry skies or below one of the many rock shelters and caves in case of bad weather. A refreshing bath in the sea after a tiring hiking day, a campfire in the evening and star-bright nights while lying in our warm and cosy sleeping bags with the sound of waves offer an unforgettable experience, adventurous moments and wild romanticism. Even though the day stages are not very long nor is the height difference scary at any point, the “Selvaggio Blu“ is still quite demanding: some easy climbing sections, heat and thirst along the way and loads of open terrain off the beaten tracks. Check out Andi Marini’s pictures posted on our homepage to get the best overVIEW of this tour.