There is nothing comparable to the "Selvaggio Blu", because the trekking along the Sardinian rocky coast is absolutely unique in its kind and just wonderful.
Already the name "Wild Blue" says a lot.
Behind the name is hidden what is described in trekking literature as the "most difficult" trek in Italy and one of the 100 most beautiful treks in the world: a six-day hike from Santa Maria Navarrese along the cliffs of the "Golfo di Orosei" to Cala Gonone.
In between lies the wild, natural Sardinian steep coast with its dreamlike bays.

Partly just above sea level and partly at an altitude of over 700m above sea level, partly on shepherds' paths and partly in pathless terrain, partly along exposed rocky ledges and partly in the wild scrub of the Sardinian maquis, the trek leads along the coast. The biggest challenge lies in finding the right way and in the non-existence of drinking water.
Therefore, we provide ourselves with fresh food and drinks via our partner on the waterway.
We also do not carry a tent, but enjoy the nights under the stars or, in case of bad weather, under one of the many rock overhangs.
The refreshing swim in the sea after a hard day of trekking, the evening get-together on the beach, the starry nights in the warm sleeping bag and the sound of the waves while we sleep offer unforgettable experiences, adventure and wild romance.

Although the daily stages are not very long in terms of distance and also the difference in altitude to be overcome is usually less than 700 meters per day, the "Selvaggio Blu" is extremely strenuous, because even the easy climbing sections, the heat and thirst and the many pathless terrain take their toll.
You get the best insight into the Selvaggio Blu visiting our photo section on our homepage, where you can view and enjoy pictures of this wonderful adventure.

The "Selvaggio blu" has become famous and popular all over the world. This means that during the high season in May and in October many aspirants are on its tracks.
We at GLOBO ALPIN have been traveling in this area for 10 years and with countless groups, and the local knowledge we have acquired in the process gives us the opportunity to switch to the lesser-known variants, rappelling points and sleeping places when the crowds are heavy.

Nevertheless, spending the night directly on the beach is no longer possible and prohibited.

If you want to do a less frequented Wild Trail Selvaggio, we recommend the extreme variant or our Secret Tour Wild Trail Via Colorara (details on request).

Sun: Flight to Cagliari and transfer to hotel.
Mon: Preparations are made, the backpack is packed and the last details are discussed. Start into the adventure.
This will take us the following 6 days completely for itself and ends only on Sat on the return trip by boat to Santa Maria.
Sun: Journey home.

surefootedness and climbing technique:
demanding terrain: occurs in some places
Exposure: several places
Climbing difficulty: unsecured II° - secured III° via ferrata: B to C

Stamina & endurance:

Altitude difference: 600 to 1200Hm
walking time: 5 to 8h
additional effort because of heat: daily

Luggage transport: delivery every evening
carry luggage: only daypack
Meals: in accommodation 3x, common cooking 4x
Overnight: nights outdoors 5x, tent (in case of rain), hotel 2x