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Hannes Pramstaller Hannes Pramstaller Mountain guide Hannes Pramstaller Details
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Martin Plankensteiner Martin Plankensteiner Mountain guide Martin Plankensteiner Details
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Valentino Sommadossi Valentino Sommadossi Valentino Sommadossi Details
Günther Gramm Günther Gramm Hiking guide Günther Gramm Details
Albuin Gruber Albuin Gruber Hiking guide Albuin Gruber Details
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Kurt Stauder Kurt Stauder Mountain guide Kurt Stauder Details
Emmanuel Rehmann Emmanuel Rehmann Emmanuel Rehmann Details
Florian Huber Florian Huber Florian Huber Details
David Spath David Spath David Spath Details
Julian Giacomelli Julian Giacomelli Julian Giacomelli Details
Magdalena Habernig Magdalena Habernig Magdalena Habernig Details
Thomas Engl Thomas Engl Thomas Engl Details
Manuel Oberarzbacher Manuel Oberarzbacher Manuel Oberarzbacher Details
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