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Michi Andres Michi Andres Founder and the boss of the Alpine School Michi Andres Details
Erwin Steiner Erwin Steiner Mountain guide Erwin Steiner Details
Hubert Niederwolfsgruber Hubert Niederwolfsgruber Mountain guide Hubert Niederwolfsgruber Details
Andreas Messner Andreas Messner Mountain guide Andreas Messner Details
Hannes Pramstaller Hannes Pramstaller Mountain guide Hannes Pramstaller Details
Martin Abler Martin Abler Mountain guide Martin Abler Details
Martin Plankensteiner Martin Plankensteiner Mountain guide Martin Plankensteiner Details
Stephanie Marcher Stephanie Marcher Mountain guide Stephanie Marcher Details
Dietmar Niederbrunner Dietmar Niederbrunner Mountain guide Dietmar Niederbrunner Details
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Martin Moser Martin Moser Office manager Martin Moser Details
Ariane Lazzeri Ariane Lazzeri Costumer service and organization Ariane Lazzeri Details
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Günther Gramm Günther Gramm Hiking guide Günther Gramm Details
Albuin Gruber Albuin Gruber Hiking guide Albuin Gruber Details
Iris Lanz Iris Lanz Iris Lanz Details
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Kurt Stauder Kurt Stauder Mountain guide Kurt Stauder Details