Martin Abler

Mountain guide

Year of birth: 1973
mountain guide since: 2007
Martin Abler says: Even as a little boy, I loved to stay outside, in nature
Martin Abler: I had my first mountain experiences in the Texel Group.
Martin Abler: The tour became more difficult and soon I became interested in doing steep ice tours.
Martin Abler: You could meet us in the mountains nearly every weekend.
Marti Abler: Little by little, climbing became my passion.
Martin Abler: I got most of my alpine experiences in the western and eastern Alps.
Martin Abler about mountain tours on other continents: I was always interested in travelling in addition to climbing.
Special moments in the mountains: Martin Abler on top of the Ortler on the 200th anniversary of its first ascend
Martin Abler, mountain guide: After a while, I wanted to become a mountain guide.