In Albania there are probably the last European mountains suitable for ski touring carrying this title quite rightly and still haven’t been reached with the skis yet. Entire mountain groups are virgin territory for ski touring activities and thus travelling to Albania means being on a discovery and adventure trip on the white spot of Europe’s map at the same time. Even tough the country is situated within just 60 km distance from Italy at the narrowest strait and can be reached by plane in approximately one hour flying for example from Verona to Tirana, in Europe so far we have hardly been taking Albania into consideration. Also Albanians themselves were not allowed to get to know the rest of the world until the end of the dictatorship in the early 1990ies. Time was stopped for a long time and a part from a series of economic disadvantages this also involves some positive aspects. Especially in the mountain areas cultural landscapes and traditions have been maintained as they were common in the Alps some 100 years ago. Motor vehicles are considered pure luxurious objects in the farming community and the winter mountain tourism is still unknown. Many farms have been abandoned and mountaineers are mostly admired rather than understood, but the legendary hospitality is lived with true and honest naturalness by the locals. Mountaineers are everywhere very welcome. The rural accommodation won't get any more comfortable, however the participants surely feel accepted. While we admire the simplicity and humanity of these local people, they are surprised by our "senseless" activities in the mountains. In conclusion, this ski touring trip to Albania surely characterized by unexpectedly rewarding ski tours will also be a trip to the past.